Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Music Education Software

A music education can be quite expensive. Many people spend thousands of dollars going to music school to learn music theory, music history, and how to play their instruments. Many more spend lesser, but still considerable, sums taking private lessons. While private lessons are always a recommended means of learning, we at DPR Technology provide simple software that can accelerate your learning process.

Our music education software focuses on helping students at all skill levels learn to play the guitar without delving into the hows and whys of music theory. Theory is great, but it will not, by itself, teach you how to play lead guitar or how to make the most of your solos. Our Guitar Scales program and our Fretboard Memory program, however, will help you do just that.

Guitar Scales introduces you to the major scales, the harmonic minor scales and the melodic minor scales, pentatonic scales, and blues scales--in all of the different key signatures. As you get more familiar with all of your scales, you can speed the program up to challenge yourself further. Fretboard Memory works in a similar fashion to help you memorize all of the notes on your fretboard.

The 5-in-One Value Pak from DPR Technology includes both the Fretboard Memory program and the Guitar Scales program. It also comes with a digital metronome to help you keep the beat and a digital tuner to help you keep your guitar in tune. Almost any PC running at least Windows 95 made within the last 10 years can run our programs as long as you have speakers and a sound card.