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Learn Guitar Scales

Anyone who has spent any time studying music theory will tell you that while it can be quite interesting, it is of little necessity in learning to play the guitar. Music theory is filled with sometimes archaic and confusing terminology--often referring to one thing in several different ways, making it more an exercise in history and academics than in musical performance. DPR Technology approaches learning the guitar on a practical level.

Our Guitar Scales program will help you learn the differences between major scales, minor scales, and pentatonic scales, etc., but through the process of playing rather than reading. It will also help you recognize the similarities between the terms scale and mode, rather than focusing on their subtly different meanings. Guitar Scales is designed to help you play rather than to take a test on theory.

Guitar Scales is a relatively simple program that does not require much computer memory or processing power that will challenge players to expand their abilities. The program is user controlled, so you can choose to test your knowledge of classes of scales (majors, minors, pentatonics, etc.) or your mastery of specific scales. Tests can also be sped up to ensure you keep challenging yourself.

Scales are the building blocks you need to improve your improvisational and soloing abilities. These skills are essential for lead guitar playing and for songwriting and cannot be overemphasized. DPR Technology wants to help you become a better all-around guitar player. To that end, we offer our 5-in-One Value Pak that includes our Guitar Scales program, our Fretboard Memory program, a metronome, a tuner, and our Notation Memory program.