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Guitar Fret Teaching Tools

Most guitars have at least 17 frets and at least six strings. That means that most guitar necks have a minimum of 100 different locations where notes can be played. By learning how the notes repeat across the strings and up the frets, you can gain a more intimate knowledge of your guitar, and you will find it easier to improvise and to play broadly within certain keys.

Understanding the fretboard--and being able to quickly locate any note or combination of notes on it--is crucial to building chords, soloing, and improvising. Fretboard Memory from DPR Technology provides the guitar student with several simple tools to help you learn the fretboard, test your skills, and track your progress. You can also be easily configure our software to concentrate help where you need it the most.

Fretboard Memory is an extremely small program that can be used on most PC-compatible computers with Windows. Even computers that are several years old can run it. In creating Fretboard Memory, our goal was not to create the flashiest program with the most bells and whistles, but rather to create a powerful learning tool that was accessible to the widest range of guitar players and students.

While private instruction is still a great way to develop the skills necessary to play the guitar, DPR Technology's instruction software makes a superb supplement. Our 5-in-One Value Pak can also be used on its own--without the aid of a private tutor--to build the basic skills every guitar player needs. Whether you take private lessons or not, our programs will speed up your progress.