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Guitar Fretboard Charts

Memorizing the guitar fretboard can seem like a demanding proposition, considering most guitars have more notes than does a piano. Still, committing the fretboard to memory is something every guitarist must do at some point. When you know the positions of all of the notes, you can employ all of the skills you have picked up from practicing scales and chords to play from any point on the fretboard--and do so with confidence.

DPR Technology has spent several years developing software that helps guitar students at any level master the skills of guitar playing. Beginners can pick up the basic structure and techniques of guitar playing relatively quickly, while more advanced players can accelerate the development of their soloing and chord construction skills. Good guitar playing comes from practice and we at DPR Technology make it simple.

Fretboard Memory is an easy-to-use, intuitive program designed to make this seemingly daunting task fun. You can choose from several different learning and testing methods, and the built-in timer helps you track your progress. You can even configure the program to test any combination of strings and frets so you can work on the areas of the guitar neck where you need the most work.

At DPR Technology, we have combined our years of guitar playing with our programming expertise to provide players with simple tools to accelerate their learning curves. Our 5-in-One Value Pak comes with the Fretboard Memory program, a digital tuner, a metronome, and programs on Notation Memory and Guitar Scales. With our Value Pak, learning the guitar has never been easier.