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Guitar Tuning Software

Tuning your guitar regularly will not only keep it in tune, it will also help to train your ear to distinguish between small differences in pitch. Training your ear will help you play with other musicians, will help you figure out songs you have heard, and will help you come up with new chords and chord progressions. Keeping a well-tuned guitar is easier with tuning software.

Guitar Tuner from DPR Technology is a small program, requiring only one megabyte of hard disk space, but it provides you with everything you need to keep your guitar in tune--except for the computer and sound card, of course. It allows you to quickly tune all of your strings and switch between tunings with ease. It also proves useful for tuning any other instruments you may have, including your voice.

Many guitar software packages are too complex to be easily accessible to the average guitar player, so most of the functionality of these programs goes unused. Additionally, some of these packages require so much memory and so much processing speed that you need the latest equipment to really take full advantage of them. At DPR Technology, we take a very different approach. Our software is easy to use and does not require a high-end computer.

Guitar Tuner is only one of the programs we have developed to help guitar players increase their skills and improve more rapidly. Our 5-in-One Value Pak contains the Guitar Tuner software as well as a digital metronome, our Guitar Scales software, our Fretboard Memory software, and our Notation Memory software. Taken together, these programs represent a powerful and incredibly affordable instructional tool.