Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Guitar Software

Playing the guitar requires an incredible amount of physical dexterity, a trained ear, a well-developed sense of timing, a basic understanding of music theory, and an understanding of the fretboard. While there are those individuals who pick up guitars and teach themselves to play as if they were born to them, they are the exceptions. Most players take years to develop the required knowledge and skills.

DPR Technology has spent years developing tools to help guitar players of all skill levels increase their abilities in the fastest ways possible. Our software targets the areas where many guitar students need the most help. Our 5-in-One Value Pak includes our Fretboard Memory program, our Notation Memory program, our Guitar Scales program, a metronome, and a digital tuner.

Fretboard Memory provides several methods for learning the notes on every fret and string, with timed testing capabilities so you can track your progress. Guitar Scales gives you the knowledge needed to improve your lead guitar soloing and improvisational skills. Notation Memory explains the language, structure, and theory you need to read sheet music--and to write your own.

Our programs are designed for simplicity, instructional prowess, and for accessibility to the widest range of guitar players--both beginning and experienced. DPR Technology programs will run on most Windows-based PCs, even those with minimal memory and performance capabilities. You need not be a computer person to benefit from our programs--only a guitar person.