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Blues Guitar Scales

Blues music is the single-most important influence on modern music, bar none. The blues is a mix of traditional West African tribal music and the spirituals and work songs of the Deep South. This roots blues music was both loved and reviled, but it grew in popularity. As it evolved, the blues eventually gave birth to boogie-woogie, rock and roll, country blues, and hip hop.

Blues music has had such a great influence that the basics of the blues should be studied by any budding guitarist. Blues scales are often just referred to as pentatonics (scales with five notes per octave), but pentatonics are found all over the world and not just in the blues. Certain pentatonic scales are known as blues scales, however.

Guitar Scales from DPR Technology is an interactive guitar instruction resource that will help you learn the basics of all of the most-used guitar scales--blues scales included, of course. Once you learn the various pentatonic and blues scales, you will start to recognize many of rock and roll's most famous riffs. Many of these are simple variations on basic pentatonic and blues scales.

One of the biggest secrets in the guitar world is how easy playing guitar really is. There is a steep initial learning curve that scares many beginners off, but if you stick with it, you will be amazed at how good you sound. The 5-in-1 Value Pak from us here at DPR Technology will help accelerate your learning and is the perfect companion to private instruction.