Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Learn To Play Guitar

There are many ways to learn to play the guitar, but they are definitely not all equal. Trying to teach yourself can work, but it can be difficult to overcome frustration from slower-than-expected improvement. Taking private lessons is an excellent way to learn, but it can be expensive and it can be difficult to fit time for lessons into busy schedules.

Whether you decide to try teaching yourself, start taking private lessons, or begin picking up tips from your guitar-playing friends, DPR Technology can help you get better--faster than you might have thought possible. The key to improvement lies with practice, but knowing what to practice is just as important. Our instructional programs ensure that you spend your time where it will do you the most good.

Good guitar technique is about chords and scales and knowing how they fit together. Our Guitar Scales and Fretboard Memory programs help you build your technical knowledge of the notes on the fretboard and the ways they combine to form chords. They will teach you major scales, minor scales (melodic and harmonic), major and minor pentatonic scales, and blues scales.

A solid knowledge of the fretboard and experience playing all the various scales will greatly improve your lead guitar playing, soloing, and improvisational skills. Our 5-in-One Value Pak gives you both the Guitar Scales program and the Fretboard Memory program, as well as a digital tuner, a digital metronome, and our Notation Memory software. Soon you can be playing guitar, reading music, and writing your own music.