Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Fretboard Help

Upon first looking at a guitar's fretboard with the intention of learning to play it, it can seem quite intimidating. After all, it represents upwards of 120 different pitches (depending on the particular guitar you are looking at). If that is not intimidating enough, it is possible to play more different chords than there are different notes. A little fretboard help is usually very much appreciated.

One key to making the fretboard look smaller is to realize that it is simply 12 notes that repeat but get higher pitched (kind of) each time. A trip across the strings is like a trip up one of the strings. We at DPR Technology have developed a product called Fretboard Memory that will help you learn all of the notes on the fretboard in a fun and easy way.

Fretboard Memory has multiple modes for increasing and then testing your fretboard knowledge. It can also be set up to test certain progressions or areas of the fretboard that are giving you trouble and then changed to test other areas. This means you get more help where you need it. As a supplement to private instruction, it can help you immensely.

Fretboard Memory can be purchased by itself or as part of our 5-in-1 Value Pak. The Value Pak includes programs to improve your fretboard knowledge, your understanding of guitar scales, and your understanding of music notation, as well as a digital metronome and a digital acoustic tuner. With these learning aids, your skills will improve much more rapidly than with private lessons alone.