Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Learn Guitar Notes

A guitar's strings and frets allow for well over 100 locations for playing notes. Though there are more than 100 locations, due to repetition across the strings, there are generally no more than 40 or 50 different pitches. Guitars are laid out in this fashion to facilitate playing scales across the strings and to allow for an incredible number of options for playing chords.

The trick to playing the guitar like a professional lies in the learning and memorization of scales. In addition to the major scales, there are literally dozens of other scales, including those of the relative minors, pentatonics, raised scales, and diminished scales. DPR Technology's Guitar Scales program will introduce you to most of them, and our Fretboard Memory program will help you memorize the individual notes therein.

Guitar Scales and Fretboard Memory will take the mountain of possible notes, scales, and chords and make them accessible to you by teaching you the underlying patterns and logical progressions. These programs are user-friendly and configurable by you to give you help where you need it most. As you improve, you can also increase each program's complexity and BPMs so you will never outgrow them.

The focus of our instructional guitar programs is to help players become more familiar with their instruments and thereby provide a means for accelerated improvement. Many beginning- and intermediate-level guitarists become frustrated by slow improvement and give up right when they are about to break through to the next level. Our programs are aimed at nipping such frustrations in the bud.