Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Learn To Play Guitar Software

There are many instructional software packages available that will help you learn to play the guitar. Many of those packages, however, are either too expensive, too complicated, or require too much computer memory and processing power for the average person to use them. Our software at DPR Technology has several advantages over most of the other packages available.

DPR Technology's 5-in-One Value Pak puts all of the software you will need in your hands at a very affordable price. Our programs require very little memory and processing power so that they can be used on almost any Windows-based PC. They are also simple enough that you can learn to use them effectively in a relatively short period of time--think hours or days rather than weeks or months.

The Value Pak includes a digital metronome and a digital tuner that work with your PC's sound card and speakers and can be used with any instrument. It also comes with our Notation Memory software which will teach you to read sheet music--and even to write your own. The Value Pak also comes with our most powerful learning software, our Guitar Scales and Fretboard Memory programs.

Guitar Scales teaches you all of the most-used guitar scales: the majors, the minors, the pentatonics and minor pentatonics, blues scales, and more. Fretboard Memory makes it easy to memorize every note on your guitar's fretboard, helping your soloing and songwriting skills. Both programs include testing functions which can be sped up and increased in complexity so you can keep challenging yourself.