Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Learn Guitar Chords

Chords are the basic elements of songwriting, and there are an immense number of chords that can be played on the guitar. In addition to the different categories of chords, like major and minor, individual chords can be played using different strings and various sounding orders. Such a diverse number of possibilities can be quite intimidating, but fortunately, DPR Technology can help.

A guitar chord is made up of at least three notes from the same scale--like C major, E minor, etc--played simultaneously. So, to learn guitar chords, memorizing your scales first will make the process a whole lot simpler. Once you have started committing your scales to memory, you will find that you can recognize chords that others are playing and so can play an appropriate chord to match it or harmonize with it.

Our Guitar Scales program gives you learning and testing exercises for the full range of scales and modes. The software can be configured to generate different scale patterns--like the CAGED pattern--as well as the different scales themselves. This is to help you learn that there are many ways to play the same chord and that each has its own flavor.

Whether you are just starting out or have been playing the guitar for some time, it is never too late or too early to start with a systematic instructional program. By learning and repeating patterns, scales, and chord progressions, your playing will improve more rapidly, as will your songwriting ability. Let DPR Technology's software help make you a better player.