Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Guitar Tuner

A well-tuned guitar is a thing of beauty, capable of producing a dizzying array of sounds and songs. A poorly tuned guitar, on the other hand, will produce a horrific, discordant mush--even in the most skilled hands. DPR Technology's Guitar Tuner program will help you keep your instrument perfectly tuned anywhere you have access to a Windows-based PC with a sound card.

Guitar Tuner is a surprisingly small program that does not require very much memory or processing power--but that produces perfect tuning pitches for all strings. Guitar Tuner will also make it easier for you to switch between standard tuning and all of the alternate tunings available to you. If you have not explored alternate tunings, Guitar Tuner can open up a whole new world for you.

At DPR Technology, we have spent several years developing software tools to help guitarists build and refine their skills. All guitar players experience plateaus in their individual development--when progress seems to stall--but such plateaus can be especially difficult for beginning guitarists to work through. Our programs are designed to accelerate the learning process and combat the frustration all guitarists eventually encounter.

We at DPR Technology are committed to providing affordable, easy-to-use products that are available to the widest variety of guitar players. Our programs require minimal computer skills and minimal computing power. Our 5-in-One Value Pak gives you all the tools you need to speed your improvement at a price that is far below the cost of other guitar instruction software.