Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Guitar Teaching Aids

Learning to play the guitar can be accomplished in many ways. The most difficult way is to try and teach yourself with no outside instruction, no teaching aids, and no prior knowledge of the guitar or of music theory. While this is possible and some self-taught players go on to great acclaim, private instruction and/or the use of effective teaching aids generally yield far superior results.

At DPR Technology, we are a software development company that is focused on bringing products for music instruction directly to music students. Our products work extremely well as supplements to private instruction but are also designed to be used independently. Even if you have little prior musical experience, our products can help you quickly pick up the skills you need to play the guitar.

Our most popular products are the Guitar Scales program and the Fretboard Memory program. Guitar Scales helps you learn to play in the right keys and trains you in the skills you need to improve your lead guitar soloing and improvisational playing. Fretboard Memory has several learning and testing modes for committing the entire fretboard to memory, which is useful for obvious reasons.

Both the Guitar Scales and Fretboard Memory programs come in our 5-in-One Value Pak. (The Value Pak also includes an acoustic tuner, a digital metronome, and our Notation Memory program, which teaches how to read and write sheet music.) Even guitar students taking private lessons can benefit from the power and accessibility of our instructional software.