Music & Education - Some Brief Overviews

Metronome Software

Metronomes are an essential part of learning to play any instrument, even if that instrument is simply your voice. While it is absolutely critical for playing with other people, being able to keep the beat when you play by yourself is what keeps a song coherent for your audience. As with most anything else in life, timing is at least as important as content.

In addition to DPR Technology's outstanding instructional software for learning to play the guitar, we also have a program called Metronome--which is a digital version of (you guessed it) a traditional metronome. Unlike traditional metronomes, however, you do not have to worry about breaking this one or replacing its batteries. It is also much more affordable than most pendulum-style metronomes.

Our Metronome program has minimal PC requirements--needing less than one megabyte of memory and only 32 megabytes of RAM. You computer should also run Windows 95, at the very least. It allows you to choose any speed between 30 beats per minute and 200 beats per minute. You can also choose whether you want aural cues, visual cues, or both. Each measure's initial downbeat is also differentiated from the other beats in case you get lost.

Metronome is included in our 5-in-One Value Pak. It also includes a digital tuner, our Guitar Scales program, our Fretboard Memory program, and our Notation Memory program. Guitar Scales introduces you to major scales, minor scales, pentatonic scales, and more, while Fretboard Memory makes it easy to learn all of the notes on your fretboard and Notation Memory teaches you to read sheet music.